About Me

Welcome, I´m glad to have you here.

The following is an attempt to talk about myself and my photography, something I have never enjoyed doing:)

The beginnings. (a bit long, don’t feel bad to skip it;)
Since I can remember I´ve always liked to take photographs of people. When I moved to Barcelona in 2008 my passion grew even more. I founded Barcelona Photo Project – A team of photographers, and The BPP Photography Group – one of the biggest photo communities in Spain.
In 2015, I finished a specialised course of “Fotoperiodisme” on one of the more prestigious school in Barcelona – Institute d´Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.
…but ‘Andrzej Witek Photography’ really started from this one photograph.

Alan & spoon-1After a night at work and not more than 2 hours of sleep I had been woken up by my little son. In order to stay awake I grabbed my camera and took him for an early walk. It was the Sunday morning after the local neighbourhood festival ‘Fiestas de Gracia’ and the streets were totally empty.
Only me, camera, my son and his spoon:)
A mix of tiredness, golden morning light and strong sense of fathers pride shaped a very unique moment for me, and after years it is still very vivid in my memory. In a second I realised the importance of those moments in our lives and decided that I will try to make them last forever with my photographs.

Today I´m already a father of two. Still with the same goal, shaping my skills to be the best in what I do – capturing fleeting moments.

My photography
I´m definitely a people photographer. Not an artist, more a patient observer looking for emotions.
I enjoy portrait sessions and shooting all kinds of events from concerts to corporate meetings but definitely my favourites are weddings.

I like the action, the unexpected. You won´t  find me running around and telling people what to do. I try to capture the day as it happens, let the story unveil and to capture every bit of it: the joy, tears, drama and the people, looking only for the right fraction of a second to press the shutter.

My Style
Let´s forget about categories as they are to tight. I would rather say that may style is a blend of traditional reportage, street photography and natural looking portraits. I try to minimise editing to deliver real images. I´m inspired by analog photography looks. I like vibrant colours and love classic black & white.
I build  my photographs on observation, pursuing unique moments, framing the scene in multi layered composition often with a pinch of humour.

Regardless of what I photograph, my goal is always the same – to craft genuine images as unique as the people I photograph.

Take a look around and if you like my photography, I´d love you to contact me. I will be overjoyed to be your photographer.

Thanks for dropping by.